Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I loveeeeee shopping!

So on Monday I went shopping with my amazing Fiance, It was so lovely and I picked up some gorgeous new stuff! (Beware there's a lot of photos!)

I needed a new pair of slip ons and these are so cute! I had to pick them up! They were only £9.99 too, Bargain!

I was desperate for a new pair of boots and Its took me all day to find these beauties! (sorry for the lace on the right shoe look messy I was in a rush!) They're super super comfy and I actually picked these up from a small shoe boutique stall in the middle of the shopping center, They were £20 which I think is great considering my old pair where £40!

I brought this top on a whim really It was only £3.99, Along with the skirt below. I thought they would look lush together and they infact do. I LOVE my new outfit! 

I love this skirt from H&M not only was it super cheap £3.99 but It would suit any size person I recon I brought it in a size 12 and its slightly loose if i wear it up on waist, Slighter lower down is fab! and same on my hips. I suppose it just depends on what you are going for as it is so so versatile. They come in soo many other colours as well and i'm defiantly going back to get a few more!

I got the blazer/coat in the sale for £7! I was so impressed, I sits so lovely just below my hips. It doesn't look like much on the hanger but when wore with jeans or a skirt its just fab. I don't know if I will ever take it off.

I got this skater dress (I think they're called that.) and i've wanted one for ages! I brought in topshop for a reasonable £20, Its made of a stretchy material which is great for my big boobs and small waist as all the other ones I'd brought fit me great everywhere BUT my boobs they were way to stiff and they looked ridiculous. This one however is perfect, I can't wait to dress it up/down!

I got some new make-up too! I've going to be reviewing all three of these later, Especially the mascara that i'm not 100% sure with! 

I brought this lovely ring from topshop in the sale it was only £1.50 down from £5.00!

I got this necklace in the topshop sale too, It was originally £15.00! lush. Anyways its a leaf with little bluey/greeny studs its on a short gold chain so it hanging just between and under my collarbones! Lushhh.

And  these super super super cute earrings! I LOVE them although I didn't realize until I took this photo that a diamond is missing! What a shame, but hey ho I didn't realize until I took the photo so I suppose no-one else will (I hope!) They were originally £8.50!

Last thing! 

I wondered into pound land as I need some tissues for my cold and I stumbled across these! 24 Make-Up sponges for £1! I brought them just to test them out, They're okay nothing too special they come in all different shapes sizes and textures. I think they're not bad for just a pound!

Has anyone else found something out of the ordinary recently while shopping?

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