Thursday, 19 January 2012

MUA £1 Mascara!

I've been having a really bad time with mascara's recently. They either do nothing or just look awful. My eye lashes are so small and so straight I need something amazing to make them even noticeable! & then I found this MUA mascara for £1.

This is it and this perticula one is in black although it doesn't say anywhere on the tube...

Its a shinny quiet chunky tube with silver writing not really saying much apart from MUA make-up academy and mascara these are the only details it tells you. The lid is a twist off lid which is easy to hold and manipulate.


The colour is black not as black as I would normally like but for £1 its obviously not going to be the most pigmented masacara out there.

This is my eyes with no make-up and no mascara as you can see I have tiny weeny little eyelashes that refuse to curl or look nice!

And this is my eye with 2 coats of the MUA mascara I really like this mascara its made my eyelashes really stand out from my eyes.    
This is the brush! I admit its not the best brush and the bristles are all pokey!

I really like this mascara! Especially as its only £1, its great for the money. It goes on smoothly and curls my stubborn lashes perfectly! I'd say they're are only a few downsides one being the brush not being great you can see in the photo about they sort of stick out at funny angles it doesn't help when your trying to separate lashes which i found really hard because the stick out ones would grab others and its clumpy! I don't like mascara that starts off clumpy I like it to be nice and smooth and glide on. This one sort of glooped on, well not glooped but was super thick. BUT as you can see from the before and after photos its not bad at all infact it pretty awesome! I will be purchasing again!


  1. Wow I can't believe it's only £1!! Looks great x

  2. I really rate the MUA range... not to mention everything's a quid! x