Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Paperself eyelashes!

So in my local Hair and Beauty wholesalers I've been eyeing up Paperself eyelashes, They're nothing like normal eyelashes as there is none, they are made from a paper. They're totally something different and I would love to try them out some time. I've been on the website which you can find here. I've collected some of the favorites I've found so far.

Lace Garden - V$A exclusive. £14.99

Clown £12.50

Small peacock £10.50
Deer and butterfly.
Small deer and butterfly £10.50
Peacock £12.50
All photos from paperself.com 

And this is what they look like on,

From google.
Aren't they gorgeous. Something completely unique. Obviously not for everyday use but would defiantly suit a night out!


  1. love!


  2. These look amazing!