Monday, 20 February 2012

Friday Favorites! E.L.F!

So my second E.L.F review of the day! Well I saw on facebook they were doing this new thing where they would ask you a question and the best answer would win a gift! Heres the details .. So anyway I was so happy to have won! as I've never won anything before! Here's what I got...

Studio Blush in Pink Passion, In the pan and The swatch!

I'm so in love with pink blushers at the moment! so this was a perfect blusher to win! I totally love it and would recommend it to everyone who loves pink blusher, Its a matte to which is the BEST no shimmer which I adore. Its the perfect blusher to build up and it looks so bright but its just gorgeous! It become my go to blusher since I won it! 

E.L.F Minty Lip gloss in Los Angles, Applicator and The swatch!

I really like this lipgloss, it's not too sticky and smells like mint! The glitter is so so glittery as you can see from the swatch! Its a real sheer pink but its very very glossy! All in all a great product!

I would just like to that E.L.F for choosing me! 

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  1. I love to see other people with pink blushes but not on me :)