Thursday, 23 February 2012

My hair colour time line! Pure shocker.

Okay so here it is! My hair time line, I've gone as far back as I can find photos for! Enjoy!

1. I was in year 10 in 2007 and I had some nice giner highlights I got done in the salon I worked in for work exp. Nice. Just before this I had long bright red hair too just under my chest, why I cut it all off and got this hidious colour I will never know.
2. This was in year 10 in 2007 as well funnily enough I dyed my hair almost black and got some really expensive hair extentsions which lasted so so long. I love this hair! I was forever dying the underneath of my fringe different colours, blue, pink, purple, green! I was a scene kid har har.
3. I lobbed it all off. This was at the end of year 10 begining of year 11 I think I thought it looked beautiful. ERR, no. rank.
4. This is my all time faveriot hair cut ever I just cut one side of my hair off LOL! I wasn't one to follow trends everyone at my school thought I was mental but I full on adored this hair cut. It was pixie crop one side, graduated bob on the other. This was the start of the madness.
5. I bleached the whole of my head. Oh god it was hidieous It was white blonde underneath and yellow on top. ooo beautiful. The condition got so bad a hairdresser posted her card and my mum litterally opened the door and pulled her in to cut my hair..
6. The pixie cut! Because I'm a lazy bitch I loved this hair this is probably the worse photo of it I have. looks like a bowl cut  the hairdresser was rubbish. I dyed it bright red styled it myself, which was a edgy side fringe with a side parting was so much better.
7. Purple. I was hmmm... might as well chuck a crazy colour on it so I did. Looked okay I suppose.
8. Theres a big gap here, I remember dying it back really dark and putting extensions in as the pixie was growing out and looked hideoussssss. Anyway this was christmas 2009. I had a nice red nice extensions all abit boring really.
9. Ahh this was a hair style to dye for it was luminous red Christmas 2010, and the cut was so nice! I love this hair!
10. I got this done just before I went to Corfu last year in august. Now this is what I call boring hair. The cut was so so good but the colour was meh.
11. I got back to school after the holidays with holiday blues and highlighted my hair. I didn't know why? I do things like this in the spare of the moment not even caring if it looks okay. I've become De-sensitised to caring what colour my hair will go.
12. This was just before christmas and my roots where awful, I had no money as I had spent it all on xmas presents! I was frantically running round looking for a cheap mobile hairdresser but they were all full booked :( and yet again the sneeky sneeky crazy colour popped its head round the corner, and in a blitz of madness I bunged a whole pot on. Worse choice ever.

And this is my current hair style! After the red I dyed it ginger, and where all the colours mixed and faded my highlights came through. I full on love this hair colour but I think I'm gonna attempt the blonde again soon when my roots grow out but I think this the longest I've had it since the first bob! Go me!

Has anyone else done anything they complete regretted to their hair?


  1. Wow! I hardly ever had the guts to dye my hair brown (my hair is black)! I love the transitions of your hair state/colors

  2. Gosh I don't alter my hair enough really - I am in love with number 9!!! New follower here - lovely blog x

    1. Thank you hun, Number 9 was probably one of the best LOL! Thank you x