Friday, 10 February 2012

My skin and hair favorites!

1. Macadamia Oil - I love love love this stuff but I really don't like the price tag! For a tiny 10ml bottle I think it cost me £5.99 in my local wholesalers which I think is pretty steep but you really can't beat it! You only need a small amount because a little goes a really long way, When I use this I wash n dry my hair as usual and then put a small drop in my hand and smooth it all through my hair and when its dry and styled I add a bit more. I know people can be really put off by using oil, but my naturally straight, grease prone hair loves this it doesn't add to grease or feel like its weighing your hair down! I've also used it on people with REALLY dry frizz prone hair and it works a dream!

2. Moroccan oil Conditioner - Ahh another one of my favorites but again £17.95 is ALOT for a student like me! I used to use the shampoo as well but, although its amazing I felt as thought I was using to much on my thick hair and the price wasn't being justified! BUT I have continued usuing the conditioner which I adore leaves my hair silky soft! and so so manageable!

3. Bio-oil - I brought this ages ago for stretch marks and had it sitting around for a while, then one day I just stuck it on my face before I went to bed! And i've been using it for about 2 weeks now and my skin has never been better! I have had barely any break outs and my skin just feels so soft! I really like what it does, although I probably wouldn't use if you have oil skin as of course it is a oil.

4. Arnica cooling gel - Now this is going to be a bit of a crazy one and I know it might not work on other people like it has with me. I use this for bad break outs my skin was going through a really bad patch about 6-7 months ago and I had some of this laying around so I just put it on my face. If you don't know what Arnica is usually used for you put it on bruises and it helps draw the bruise out? I think and it says you can use it for nettle stings and stuff like that. 'well if its good for buises' and just stuck it on.. well it worked it didn't per-say get rid of my acne but it did make the redness dissapear and they did go down. I probably would say its up too you to put it on your face, I did however speak to a pharmacist and he said its a natural plant so he didn't see the harm! but really really this might also not work the way it has with my skin on yours so use at your own will!

5. Lee Staford Hair that never goes past a certain length - I have only used this once, I've heard great reviews about it and it leaves my hair feeling silky soft at £7.99 a tub its much better value then Moroccan oil and macadamia oil BUT obviously doesn't compare in the quality department! I will let you know what I think of its growing abilities!

6. Garnier Pure - I LOVE this scrub it gets rid of blackheads and removes dirt, It also says it helps with impurities which is good. I love scrubbing my face with this twice a week. My skin always feels so so clean and soft after this! And the best bit... it cost me £2 in Sainsburys! Lush.

Do you girls use any of these? If so what do you think of them?


  1. Great to know about the first oil as some can be scared it will literally slick on like oil ;) ! Enjoyed this post! xo

    1. I find it great! It sinks in beautifully! x