Thursday, 12 January 2012

Chanel Lip Gloss!

This is my one and only chanel lip gloss. 


This channel lip gloss, It comes in a rectangular tube with a clear see through bottom and a twist off top which is black, with a channel logo on the top. 

Top of the lid. 


This is the colour it came in, I'm not sure what it means, all I know is its 79 haha. The colour is red, very red. It has a small amount of glitter in it which I really like about this lip gloss.

The swatch! I love the glitter and the colour, It looks slightly lighter then it really is on my hand but once its on your lips its so so rich. A real deep red.


I love this lip gloss. I actually don't know how much It cost or where it is from because it was a gift from my mums friends to her as a birthday present and she didn't like the colour but I loved it, I'm a sucker for reds! Anyway I do rate this lip gloss pretty highly because you can just tell the quality of it is amazing, It stays on for so long too which is always a bonus with lip glosses it stains your lips slightly as well, which is never a bad thing when its red! I just wish I took a photo of this when it was on my lips I might add one later.

Do any of you girls have and Chanel lip glosses? What do you think of them?

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  1. I don't have any Chanel makeup at all! I'm a sucker for reds too, If I ever saw it I'd probably end up purchasing it.


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