Thursday, 12 January 2012

MUA Blusher.

This is the MUA Blusher, It was only £1!


The blusher comes in a rectangular flip up lidded case. Its quiet large considering the space I'd say 5cm across 2cm width. The lid on the blusher is clear which is always handy as you can see the colour directly without having to lift the lid.


This is MUA blusher in Shade one 1, Its the lightest pinkest shade they do, Although you can't really see the pink in the photo its like a real candy pink, Its also got a slight peachy tone once applied to your skin. I recently gave up on bronzer as I am so pale it just doesn't look right, So I am now on the hunt for the best pink blusher!

Heres the swatch! I applied a hell of alot of product because you really really have to build it up to get the colour you want. Obviously you wouldn't put this much on your face, I did it so you could see the colour.


Overall I'm really really happy with the product. Its pretty good quality for such a cheap price (£1), even cheaper then elf! shocking. I love this blush its super soft on your skin and it also blends lovely. Such a great colour, I the superdrug near me I know they're are 4 other colours of this blusher and they go from this lovely bright pink to a almost purple pink! Just build the colour you want up and thats it! Perfect!

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