Saturday, 7 January 2012

Elf All over cover stick in Ivory!

So heres the product Elf all over cover stick in Ivory.

What the website says -

All Over Cover Stick

Achieve smooth and flawless skin easily! The e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick is infused with active natural ingredients and skin polymers to soothe and protect the skin to camouflage those problematic facial areas. Getting a clear fresh face has never been so easy!


For all over flawless coverage, apply to face using clean finger-tips or an e.l.f Professional Foundation Brush for perfect results.
To cover up problem areas - for best results apply and blend using an e.l.f Professional Concealer Brush.
Tip - Apply sparingly to eyelids for a fantastic long-lasting eyeshadow base.

The cover stick comes in a very small cylinder shape twist up tube. I would not recommend twisting the tube up too high as it can be super hard to get it back down and can end up being all smooshed in the tube. Only twist it up the minimal amount! 

This is in Ivory, It has a slight yellow undertone which is great for under your eyes, I've never found a concealer that covers my bags as well as this. Its defiantly very yellowy though.

Heres the swatch I applied alot of product to my hand so you could see the colour. 

I thought I'd quickly show you how well this works.
This is my eye when i've just woken up with no concealer.
And this is my eye with the Concealer on.

I adore the product and the price as its only £1.50 and last a really long time. I tend you use this under my eyes but if I feel like my skins looking a little drab I use it  all over as a base, It can also be used for blemishes as long as you apply it sparsely. It is VERY thick and creamy, but I like that it blends in lovely under foundation, But i'd recomend this most for bags under your eyes! 


  1. What a bargain! I've always used benefit's lemon aid for my eyes but it's really expensive and definitely doesn't match my student budget, I'll have to give this a shot :) xo

  2. Do! Its sooo amazing I wouldn't use anything but this now :) x

  3. wow that looks really good:) is it creamy?:) :)