Friday, 6 January 2012

Elf Brightening Eyeshadow in Drama!

Hello everyone, This is Brightening Eyeshadow in Drama!

What the website says about this product.

Brightening Eye Colour

Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. The 4 colour quad allows for both natural and dramatic looks. Mirror in compact included.


  • Apply to upper lid
  • Gently glide on powder
  • Blend as desired

These 4 eye shadows come in a small rectangular compact, They are slightly small but okay if your using a brush, The compact has a white back, and a clear lift up lid that is easy to use and very sturdy I can't see it breaking. The compact also has a double sided Eyeshadow applicator which is handed but I some times feel with the small sized eye shadows it can be difficult to get enough colour on the applicator. There is also a small mirror behind where the applicator sits, but it is very small and you can hardly see anything.


I LOVE the colour of these 4 eye-shadows. 2 are matte and 2 are glittery so you can glam it up or tone it done depending on what you like.
Theres a matte white in the top left hand corner, A dark grey in middle left which has a pretty glitter in, next too that is a matte black although in tho photo it looks glittery too but I'll put the swatches up so you can see what it looks like, there is also a light glittery grey in the top right corner.

Heres the swatch I tried to take it in the best light possible so you could see the glittery colours, they are also all in the order I put them in above, As you can see the black comes out more matte then the glittery it looks and the light grey is very subtle but very shimmery. 

This is how I used it. Sorry the light is terrible! 


Overall I LOVE this product, I LOVE these colours and I LOVE the way they look when all combined. The shadows glide on effortlessly and are so so easy to use, as with most ELF products! The colours stay on all day, I've used this with and without a eyeshadow primer which I will be reviewing next and without it slightly moves and smudges higher up on my eyelid, but it okay nothing that a cotton bud cant fix! and with primer it stays on all day with no budging or smudging! perfect! I honestly can't find a fault with this product! 

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