Friday, 13 January 2012

H&M needs.

I have a longing need to own everything in H&M. Especially the jewelry and accessories. My wish list this month goes abit like this..
I super love these, I was just browsing but I ended up buying.. £7.99! bargain.
This is so cute and the same with the pumps! I ended up buying this too. I really cant help myself.. £1.99 in the sale! Why not?

I adore adore adore this bag. On my next visit I will defiantly be buying.
I love this ring! what ever could be better then and apple ring. Someone please tell me?

A chandelier necklace, what more could you want!?

This is a lip gloss.. and for 99p I couldn't go without.

So, I did try to re-frame from buying stuff but I also brought 2 new skirts like the mustard coloured one I brought the other day in black and navy. I just can't say no to H&M. When oh when will someone buy me the whole shop?!

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