Friday, 13 January 2012

Elf eyeshadow!

So recently i've been experimenting with different eyeshadows as usually I don't use anything but greys/black and browns/creams. Today I disided to use green! I didn't go overboard as I didn't really know what to expect! 
These are the colors I used.

This is the dark grey, I probably should have put these in better order but whatever, Its a matte colour with a shimmer I use this all the time!
 This is the colour I use almost everyday as you can see, Its a shimmery medium grey I usually use this as a base and then I can add to it as I please.
 Ahh I love this green this photo does it no justice its super bright actually Its the colour next too the one below on the left! This colour is super matte and very pigmented.
 This is the olive green I also have now grown to love this. Its matte too and also very pigmented!
The bright green, Olive green, Medium grey and dark grey. 

All these colours come from Elf, I've looked for the pallete that I have but I can't find it! I did buy it about a year ago so it might have changed. The product closest too it is the Essential 32 Eyeshadow Palette in Bright which you can find here..

This was the look I created.. This was without eyeliner and mascara shame you can't see the green much! 

This is with eyeliner and mascara I put on way too much eyeliner :'( can barely see the shadow.

This is the finished product. I super love it. Although it does make my blue eyes look slightly green! but thats okay greens cool. I defiantly think I will be using more colours and buying some new Brightening eyeshadow quads. Please ignore my stray eyebrow hairs I get the waxed so I go through a awkward phase of stubby hairs!


  1. i like that green shade! it's very pretty! :D

    p.s. i also like how you did your cat eye look!

    <3, Mimi

  2. Thank you! I love the green too!

    Thanks so much its only taken me a good 4 years to get it right, and now I feel naked without my flick!


  3. This is a lovely eye look. You did the eyeliner so perfectly, i still can't do it! What eyeliner and mascara did you use?


  4. Ahh it takes some time, I use any eyeliner but I use a brush to put the eyeliner on, I'll do a tutorial soon :) and I used The new cat eyes one by mabelline I don't rate it very highly to be honest! I done a review a feew post down of it :) x

  5. The olive green shade is gorgeous. :D:D xx