Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My all time number 1 Elf product!

My all time faverout Elf product ever! The Mineral foundation in Ivory!

what the website says - 


Our weightless mineral foundation will help get you on your way to healthier illuminating skin. All our powders blend naturally into the skin, and are so light that they work with your skin color to create a perfect color match. All of our foundations contain sun protection factor (spf) 15 and are 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.
Weight - 0.1oz (2.84g)


Shake the Natural Mineral Foundation – SPF 15 back and forth to get excess loose powder into the tray. Gently glide over the powder with an e.l.f. Kabuki or Total Face Brush to grab the powder, bring your brush to the cap to work in the powder to the brush, then tap off any excess. Apply to areas of the face that need coverage by working into the skin in a circular motion.

Packaging. -
Its a smallish sized tub with a twist off black lid, inside there is a sieve like contraption and under that it the loose powder all you do to get the powder out is shake it side to side or VERY gently tip in upside down ( with th lid still on of course.) and tap it very gently I do warn you!. 


I love the colour of this foundation, Its so so pale which is so great for me as i'm snow white almost. I know some people like dark foundation but I just look odd! I have to embrace my pale skin! It really is ivory, most ivory product that i've ever used it has slightly yellow undertones which sets it apart from other foundations that have orange this beauty has no orange. YAY!

Heres the swatch, you can see how pale my skin is!


This is, my all time favorite without doubt! although I use it as a setting powder for my actual liquid foundation, but im sure it would make such a good foundation i'm just not ready for the powder only thing! Anyway its so smooth and sooo soft it buffs so beautifully onto your skin. The problem i have with this powder is if you tap it too hard too much powder will come out of the sieve and its hard to get it back into the lower half! And the last thing is not too put too much on a brush either as many many times i've put this on and i'm totally covered in fall out, but you can't complain with a product like this for a price of £3.50!

Whats everyone else's favorite foundation?

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