Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My everyday essentials!

Gosh Natural touch foundation.
Before I tried this product I only brought it because I was going on holiday in august and wanted a foundation containing an SPF and this one was the only one I could find for a reasonable price in my local superdrug. It contains and SPF 8 and yes it works even for my easily burnt Ivory skin tone BUT now, I couldn't live without it. I really love how silky smooth it feels and how effortlessly it blends and how quickly it drys! It covers all imperfections with ease AND to top it off its an Ivory containing NO orange, I always find that  'ivory' foundations say they are ivory which too me means a creamy white/cream and they're not they're orangey undertones! Irritating. BUT I do love this foundation, I don't think I'd ever buy another!

Elf mineral foundation in Fair.
Oh how could you not love this?! aside from the packaging which can get annoying tapping and tapping with nothing coming out. I love the smoothness, the softness, the matte colour and how easy it is too buff on the skin! I usually use this over the top of my foundation as foundations are always too dewy for my liking! I put a load on a huge brush a buff it all over! If I want a little bit more I just buff a little bit more on, Its so easy to use! If I had better skin I would probably wear this alone, it gets rid of all imperfections complete so you can't see them AT all. PERFECT.

MUA blusher shade 1.
This is my faveriot blushed and for only £1 its a steal! Its a real pinky bubble gum pink, it goes on lightly and is a super lovely colour thats so easy to blend and build up! It really suits my light skin tone really well and I always get complimented on it!

Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner.
I LOVE this eyeliner, Its perfect the nib could probably be slightly smaller but it's great if you know what your doing! I love it because it takes a little longer to dry and you can go over the same bit a few times without it smudging off and flaking off like some do. The colours intense and last a really long time, and hardly smudges for instance today my eye was watering all morning really bad, I don't know why I think I was tierd, and the smallest amount of eyeliner came off, which was amazing I only had to do a tiny touch up!

MUA lipstick in Nude.
Ahhh I only got this a few days ago but i'm already in love! I never ever thought about wearing a nude lipstick but as soon as I put this on I fell pretty hard! I usually have heavy eye make-up so I thought I would tone it down nicely compared to my deep reds and bright pinks! Its a super creamy matte lipstick with a really high pigment! and the best bit? It only cost £1! Super dooooooooper.

Simple cleansing facial wipes.
I've used these for so so long and they are the best, they are really soaked with product so they don't dry easily and soak make-up off effortlessly! They leave you skin feeling soft and clean which I love! They are perfect for sensitive skin and don't make your eyes sting when removing eye make-up! Lovely I love these.

BOSS Orange EDT spray.
Now I usually am a loyal Alien lover and I have been for so so long its my all time favorite, BUT I got brought this as a gift at Christmas and I liked it straight away its light a fruity unlike alien which is dark and mysterious smelling. Its so nice for day time wear and you can really smell the Orange blossom and Vanilla its lovely!

So these are my must haves! Let me know if you have enjoyed this post and would like to see more,
Does anyone else use these products and what do you think of them?


  1. Ahhh love that foundation by GOSH, I have it in Golden and only recently discovered it.


  2. lovely post!

  3. I love this fragance, it smells just perfect!

  4. i love all these products! especially the gosh foundation- i adore gosh! Loved the post- following!

    please check out my blog!

  5. you should try the 2true eyeliner its verry gooood! i prefer it to the rimmel one as its more flexible and i find im better with the 2true one! its also cheaper ;) x