Saturday, 4 February 2012

Soooo snow.

So this isn't a beauty post and probably my first one with nothing to do with make-up and clothes! 
The news has been telling me its really going to snow today! How exciting I love the snow. I don't particularly like what it does to London as it kind of goes into stand still. No goes out, No one drives, No one leaves their house. BUT I love it I love the way it feels when you stand on it and it crunches under your boots, and I love the way it glitters in the sun light its so pretty! AND of course who doesn't like building a snow man! I'm a big kid at heart, and if I didn't live as close to central London as I do, I can assure you I would be finding a big hill and sledging be merrily sledging down it.

Excuse my un-make-uped face in this photo, This is me and my fiance 2 years ago when it snowed in december. Matt came over and ended up getting trapped at mine because the trains weren't running, what a shame! I'm joking it was great, for about 2 hours I was trying to drag him outside to build a snowman but he refused as he didn't want to get his converse wet! Har har, I got my way in the end! We did build a snow man but I also remember not being outside for long as it was so cold and my hands got so cold. 

This is from my bedroom window looking out towards our drive and across essentially this is my neighbors house but mine looks no different! Its so so pretty I love snow. Everything just looks so so beautiful, and when the sky goes that grey colour its even better, really sets that cold snowy mood.

This post is longer then expected but you can see I'm passionate about it! This year I am supposed to be going over to matts but my mum doesn't like driving in  the snow so I don't know if I will be BUT if I don't my plans for sunday are to stay in my pj's, drink lots of hot chocolate and watch the first series of Luther with my mum! Perfect!

Do you girls enjoy snow as much as I do!?


  1. I wish I'm able to enjoy snow! Here is summer all-year round! It seems so fun watching/looking at pics/vids of people having fun with snow. But not sure if I can handle snow because I've never been a big fan of very cold temp!

    1. Aww sometimes I wish I could be in hot weather all the time, So it goes both ways! Its sometimes too cold, but that's British weather for you! x

  2. i wish i could enjoy snow like you do! unfortunately it turns me into a bit of a grumpy bugger haha i have really awful circulation so i hate being cold & the added wetness of snow just makes it my worst nightmare! it's very pretty though, i do like taking photos of it... just not being out in it for too long! xx

    1. Well at first I was really into it this week but its put all my plans on seeing my fiance this week, now I have to wait till next weekend :( So It's defiantly not one of my favorites I really like looking at it too though haha and taking photos! xx

  3. Heyy Gorgeous
    loving your blog its super cute :)
    if you follow me ill follow you back :P

    much love